Mobil Elektronik: Steering system according to ASIL-D

MOBIL ELEKTRONIK GmbH from Langenbeutingen, Germany, is global market leader in the area of...


Wendig – LINTRAC fährt mit EHLA® PLUS Lenkung

[Translate to Englisch:] LINTRAC mit EHLA PLUS Lenkung

Kleine aber steile Hänge, Hindernisse sowie enge Ortsdurchfahrten sind die Gegebenheiten, mit denen...


Wir gratulieren unserem Seniorchef Helmut Klugesherz ganz herzlich zu seinem 75. Geburtstag

Unser Seniorchef Helmut Klugesherz feierte am 8. Juli 2017 seinen 75. Geburtstag. Dies war ein...


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The System is more than the Sum of its Components

  • Welcome at MOBIL ELEKTRONIK.

    Hydraulic suspended, liftable steered tag axle

    The innovative solutions for 5-axle dumpers


    Keep on pushing...

    The rear axle of the TUG push back GT110 is steered electronical-hydraulically - for better operator comfort, higher safety standard and improved function.



  • Made in Japan

    Japanese Manufacturer Kato Works is using our proven EHLA Multi steering system for their new 5 axle AT crane KA-1300SL. Coupling rods between front and rear axles can be dropped saving weight and providing optimised steering geometry along with minimized tire wear. The speed-dependent reduction of steering angle improves the tracking behaviour at high speed. Numerous special steering modes support best manoeuvrability on the construction site.