Garant Kotte now uses DTS system for new slurry tankers

Garant Kotte is now using our innovative, contactless forced steering system DTS for new tandem and tridem slurry tankers. DTS, which Garant Kotte operates under the name ElectronicSteeringSystem 2.0 (ESS 2.0), represents a significant advance for trailed slurry tankers.

The DTS system completely eliminates the need for mechanical steering linkages between the tractor and slurry tanker. The contactless forced steering minimizes the risk of mechanical failures due to operating errors and significantly reduces maintenance costs. It also significantly reduces tire wear, which can be caused by incorrect tracking. Another advantage is the flexibility of use: The slurry tankers can be towed by any tractor without the need for a specially made steering console or a precisely defined hitch. This leads to considerably shorter set-up times and makes it easier to attach and detach the slurry tanker.

By dispensing with steering linkages, the contactless forced steering enables a larger steering angle between the tractor and slurry tanker.

With the DTS system, we offer our customers an advanced and reliable solution for steering slurry tankers. Fewer mechanical components, increased user-friendliness and many other advantages make it the perfect choice for modern farmers.