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Next generation drawbar angle transducer

  • More flexibility, lower overall height and installation compatible

    Our goal in revising the previous drawbar angle transducer was to be able to offer you as a customer an even better product.

    As before, we supply our new drawbar angle transducer with a wide range of mounting accessories to make the connection of the steering system to your vehicle as simple as possible. To further increase the robustness of the sensor, we have adapted the bearing protection in rough working conditions.

    The lower height offers some advantages, such as more free space for a possible cardan shaft. Due to an additional adapter flange available from us on request, the angle transducer is fully installation compatible with the existing sensor. The holes already existing on the drawbar of your vehicle can therefore be used directly.

    Benefit from the new properties of the drawbar angle transducer without time-consuming adjustments on the vehicle itself.

  • DynamicTrailerSteering (DTS)

    Maximum flexibility

    With our DynamicTrailerSteering system, we offer you a novel, particularly easy-to-use solution.

    The system does not require a drawbar angle transducer at all. The articulation angle is determined from the dynamic driving state of the trailer by a special algorithm developed by us at ME MOBIL ELEKTRONIK using a 6-DOF-IMU and two single wheel speed signals.

    The advantage of this system is that it eliminates the need for the usual forced steering components such as linkage and a K50 ball. This means that the trailer can be coupled immediately to any towing vehicle without any restrictions and without the need for special additional equipment for use with the forced steering system.

    Furthermore, the algorithm ensures that the straight-line stability of any towing vehicle can be measured with high precision, without the need for calibration.
    A true „Easy To Own” System!

  • Connection via Scharmüller steering ball K80® EAMS

    with integrated sensor technology

    Instead of a drawbar angle transducer, the new K80® EAMS (Embedded Angle Measurement System) steering ball with integrated sensor technology can detect the articulation angle. This provides the best protection against external environmental influences and mechanical damage.

    The new design means that no additional mechanical forced steering components are required. This offers the advantage that the articulation angle is no longer restricted by the forced steering linkage.

    Furthermore, an additional coupling process is no longer required. As soon as the drawbar coupling is connected to the K80® steering ball, the system is active due to its plug & play capability. The K80® EAMS system therefore also offers you more degrees of freedom in drawbar design.

    Please note that the two features presented, DTS and Scharmüller steering coupling, are only compatible with the new SLC 021 steering computer generation.

  • New safety steering computer

    Hardware and software architecture developed according to the latest norms and standards

    A completely new hardware and software architecture in accordance with ISO 25119 enables a performance level of up to AgPL e. Thanks to the robust housing with a protection class of up to IP 6K9K, the safety steering computer is also suitable for extreme applications.

    Parallel to the introduction of the new safety steering computer for the AgriTrailer, the software has also been enhanced with additional innovations. On the customer side, the relevant vehicle dimensions and axle coordinates can be parameterized for greater flexibility and optimal adaptation of the steering geometry to the respective vehicle type.

    The system has also been made more tolerant with regard to emergency steering operation in the event of component failure, so that in the event of a component failure the vehicle can still be operated with certain restrictions.

    In addition, calibration of the drawbar angle transducer for the 0° position has been significantly simplified and automated for greater convenience and reduced downtime if a component needs to be replaced.

ISOBUS implementation

  • Available for existing and new systems

    Another highlight is that our EHLA® AgriTrailer steering systems are now ISOBUS capable. The communication between our steering system and the ISOBUS terminal in the towing vehicle is done via an ISOBUS gateway, which is part of our scope of delivery. This allows the EHLA® steering system to be operated via the tractor-side terminal and no additional hardware is required in the tractor cab for operation.

    In addition, the various functions can also be assigned via AUX to the tractor-side or other retrofit joysticks for optimum ergonomics during operation. This additional option can also be retrofitted to existing systems.

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