Samstag, 8. Juli 2017

Congratulations to our Senior Manager Helmut Klugesherz on his 75. Birthday

Our senior manager Helmut Klugesherz celebrated his 75. birthday on July 8, 2017. The staff of MOBIL ELEKTRONIK had every reason to celebrate him for this remarkable anniversary...

Our senior manager Helmut Klugesherz with the staff brass ensemble and the poet of the company history

Mr. Klugesherz, the founder and senior executive at MOBIL ELEKTRONIK, received a cordial welcome by the staff.  This welcome included a birthday serenade performed by the brass ensemble. A further highlight was the poem about the company history.
All 4 members of the brass ensemble as well as the composer of the poem are engineers of the MOBILL ELEKTRONIK software development department.

With greatest respect we are thankful to Mr. Helmut Klugesherz for the outstanding achievement and performance during the last decades.

Please find more details in our German press information (English text available on request) >>