Modern steering systems for agricultural vehicles -
adapted to your specific requirements

In an ever-changing world, farms play a crucial role. By growing food sustainably, they contribute to our well-being in many ways - and MOBIL ELEKTRONIK contributes to their technological development.

With our steering systems you can perfect the performance and maneuverability of your agricultural vehicles. Our solutions optimize flexibility and functionality as well as cost-effectiveness.

With our DTS steering system, we have developed a completely new type of steering for agricultural vehicles. DTS (DynamicTrailerSteering) is an advanced steering technology based on an algorithm developed by MOBIL ELEKTRONIK. The system aims to significantly improve the maneuverability and safety of vehicles with trailers or semi-trailers. This eliminates the need for the usual forced steering components for detecting the articulation angle between the towing vehicle and the trailer vehicle.

Efficient steering systems for agricultural vehicles

With a variety of steering modes, including crab steering and manual axle steering, the use of our EHLA® steering system achieves significant advantages for the agricultural sector. These solutions have decisive advantages over non-steered vehicles and hydraulic displacement systems and are optimally tailored to the specific requirements of agricultural technology.

  1. Optimized driving stability for all driving speeds and driving situations
  2. Individual adaptation for all agricultural vehicles
  3. Minimized tire wear



Steer-by-Wire is the future of vehicle steering - a cutting-edge technology that takes the driving experience to a new level. Discover our customized steer-by-wire solutions for your requirements!

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With Brake-by-Wire, you are betting on the future of braking systems. The reliable brake-by-wire solutions from MOBIL ELEKTRONIK offer you maximum control, precision and safety for every braking maneuver - trust our expertise!

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Optimize the control center for your vehicles with Control-by-Wire. Experience the future of vehicle control that takes flexibility and innovation to a new level - with control-by-wire solutions from MOBIL ELEKTRONIK!

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