Electronic - hydraulic suspension control

ChassisControl is an electronic suspension control system for hydraulic or pneumatic suspended vehicles. All imaginable functions like adjustment of ride level, level regulation or axle lift are available.
EHLA® and ChassisControl can be combined to an entire axle automation e.g. in mobile cranes, Dutch wide-spread applications or agricultural vehicles.

Hydraulic suspended, liftable steered tag axle

5-axle dumpers with air-suspended tag axle have conceptual disadvantages: During dumping the suspension sinks and the steadiness is limited. Moreover the axle load distribution with view on the spring-leaf suspended drive axles is always a problem.

The electronic-hydraulic solution from MOBIL ELEKTRONIK is ideal for these configurations and offers following technical features:

  • Electronic - hydraulic steered tag axle
  • Axle weigth distribution control: the drive axles always reach the maximum permittable payload before the tag axle is loaded
  • Hydraulicr axle lift provided from the suspension cylinders - no additional lifting device required
  • Hydraulic suspension lock of the tag axle supports the chassis during dumping operations
  • Display of the payload of the rear axle tridem

Widespread from MOBIL ELEKTRONIK

After the EHLA electronic - hydraulic rear power steering systems have been established all over Europe for both retrofitters as well as OEM we now had the opportunity to go for the supreme discipline for the Dutch truck specialists of ESTEPE BV: the widespread.

By extending the wheel-base of the drive tandem to 1800 mm the axle load can be increased from 19 to to 23 to. In order to maintain the manoeuvrability the rear drive axle requires to be steered.

However, it´s not a knuckle-steered axle. In fact the original dual-tired rigid axle is steered by using two lengthways placed steering cylinders. As this configuration does not allow a spring-leaf suspension nor an air-suspension we have developed a sophisticated hydrostatic suspension system.


EHLA Optimal steering system

  • speed dependent steering behaviour
  • with centering device

Electronic-hydraulic suspension system ChassisControl

  • automatic niveau regulation for different load conditions
  • manual lifting / lowering for roll-on / roll-off containers
  • inclination control / leveling of the chassis
  • suspension lock for a safe stand during dumping operation