Auxiliary steering system for multiple steered rear axles

Auxiliary steering system for vehicles with multiple steered rear axles. EHLA® MULTI is used in vehicles with several steered axles, frequently combined with high payloads as seen in mobile cranes or big fire engines with turntable ladders. In the subject of heavy mobile cranes EHLA® MULTI offers weight reduction and constructive variabilities as the steered rear axles are externally supplied and decoupled from the front axles.

The entire function range known from EHLA® STANDARD, EHLA® PLUS and EHLA® OPTIMAL are available. Special programs like moving away from a wall or different steering geometries for off-road and on-highway public traffic are standard features. Besides that a combined operation with EHLA® FAILOP is possible. As special vehicles often employ heavy-load axles there are several proven solutions of assembled or integrated angle transducers available.