Electronic rear power steering system for pusher and tag axles

EHLA® STANDARD is an electronic hydraulic auxiliary steering system for self-tracking tag axles in buses as well as truck chassis e.g. for garbage trucks or construction vehicles.

EHLA® STANDARD offers constructive variabilities and functional advantages compared to conventional displacement systems. The front axle can be kept unchanged. At the same time the steering geometry is adapted with regard to maximum manoeuvrability at low speed and to optimized tracking at high speed. Besides that, the slip angle is minimized, resulting in a bisection of tire wear compared to standard adhesive steered tag axles. Special functions like minimization of the rear swing-out, speed-proportional reduction of steering angles, steering suppression in bus stations or minimization of the turning circle are standard features.

Truck gateway vehicle communication via CAN bus allows the evaluation of vehicle data like speed or engine rotation. The implementation of vehicle dynamics control as well as specific functions like lift axles or door collision detection in buses are also possible.

  • EHLA Standard in Van Hool´s fuel cell bus for Oslo

    Since Van Hool is using our EHLA Standard system for the tag axle of the European 3-axle coaches, the system is also used for the pusher axle of the fuel cell bus. Thanks to the flexible parameter structure of the EHLA building blocks the system was applied within shortest time.

  • EHLA for Brasil trucks

    So far, auxiliary systems are not very well known in trucks and buses all over the American continent. For the first time a VW Constellation has been converted into a 5-axle concrete pump carrier at the Brasil specialists BMB. Thanks to flexible parameter structure and a rugged closed-loop control architecture the system is easy to adapt, works steady through all axle payload ranges and was implemented within shortest time.