Auxiliary steering system for trailers

The electronic-hydraulic auxiliary steering system for trailers such as agricultural tandem or tridem trailers or semi-trailers provides the following features:

  • Decoupled force closure of the clutch increases the manoeuvrability and the maximum possible articulation angle.
  • Full steerability also during backward drive direction.
  • Automatic axle centring at high speed provide an improved tracking behaviour - no swing-up of the whole train.

Standardized, proven system components and a modular software structure allow the adaption of the system into all imaginable trailer applications. The system can be integrated into existing hydraulic concepts. So, established vehicle designs can be graded up without the necessity of basic modifications of the existing automation structure.


EHLA® MultiTrailer is the high end solution for agricultural trailers with all-wheel steering up to 4 axles. The system provides several additional functions like:

  • drive-in-Track
  • crab steering for soil protection
  • off-set
  • lift axle function in combination with EBS, ECAS,...

The system version EHLA® AgriTruckTrailer can be used in semi-trailers pulled by special trucks.