Electronic rear power steering system with centering function or locking unit

For non self-tracking rear axles. EHLA® OPTIMAL is the ideal solution for fast-driving, allwheel steered vehicles like e.g. municipal vehicles, snow removal vehicles, fire engines or airport snow plows. The electronic hydraulic steering offers the complete range of steering programs as all-wheel steering, diagonal (crab steering) or independent manual steering.

Special functions like rear swing-out suppression or speed-proportional reduction of steering angle are standard features.
Exemplary: at high speed the rear axle is locked in mechanical center position in order to obtain maximum safety.

Optionally the system may be connected to vehicle-specific functions like linkage of turntable ladder control, speed limit for certain steering modes or display of safety data on the dashboard.

EHLA Optimal in Van Hool´s North American Double Deck Coach

Since many years the double deck coaches of Van Hool are the reference with view to carrying capacity and comfort for the charter line along the Canadian and American east coast. The latest models contain a twin-tired, steered tag axle with single wheel suspension offering a payload up to 10 metric tons. The steering is provided electro-hydraulical with a redundant design including a centring system. Thus the auxiliary steering system fullfills highest demands in function and safety.