Testing DTS on the field: "Convincing in every situation"

The march issue of the agricultural technology magazine profi took a close look at the Pöttinger Jumbo 8450 DB combination loader wagon, which was subjected to a thorough practical test. Attention was also paid to the non-contact forced steering system ("DTS") from MOBIL ELEKTRONIK. Pöttinger is the first vehicle manufacturer to use the DTS system in series production and was also a joint testing partner of ME MOBIL ELEKTRONIK at the time. The results of the test speak for themselves: the DTS system completely convinced the experts and received the highest praise in the test report. "The non-contact forced steering is convincing in every situation," was the clear conclusion.

With DTS, ME MOBIL ELEKTRONIK presents a steering system that has now established itself on the market as a state-of-the-art solution for forced-steering trailer vehicles. The loader wagon tested in profi magazine has a tridem chassis in which MOBIL ELEKTRONIK controls the front and rear steering axles electro-hydraulically. The test drivers were impressed by the maneuverability and driving stability of this system. The tried-and-tested steering system from ME MOBIL ELEKTRONIK offers farmers and businesses a reliable and particularly easy-to-use solution for their daily challenges.

We at ME MOBIL ELEKTRONIK are proud that our DTS system was able to impress in the practical test and showed the best performance in all operating situations. This once again underlines the successful cooperation between Pöttinger and ME MOBIL ELEKTRONIK during the joint project to develop and test the DTS system.

profi has also published a video of the practical test: Watch now →