Our steering systems for commercial vehicles -
Customized solutions for trucks, buses and more

We encounter them on our roads every day: Commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses and fire engines are characterized by their impressive performance and reliability. These vehicles are designed to work reliably even under the toughest conditions - and that's exactly what they prove day after day.

This is where our EHLA® steering systems come into play: They are the ideal choice for taking the performance and maneuverability of your commercial vehicles to a new level. No matter which area of the commercial vehicle industry you operate in, our innovative and field-proven steering systems offer tangible benefits for your customers. By integrating our solutions, you not only increase the maneuverability of your vehicles, but also maximize their efficiency. This will secure your commercial vehicles an unsurpassed position in their sector.

Optimized performance for commercial vehicles with EHLA® technology

Do your customers have special requirements for the functionality and flexibility of the vehicle? Our electronic steering systems offer numerous advantages that not only make your commercial vehicles more flexible and manoeuvrable, but also increase their cost-effectiveness - and all of this in compliance with approval requirements.

  1. Maximum maneuverability
  2. Flexible steering modes for every application
  3. Highest Functional Safety



Steer-by-Wire is the future of vehicle steering - a cutting-edge technology that takes the driving experience to a new level. Discover our customized steer-by-wire solutions for your requirements!

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With Brake-by-Wire, you are betting on the future of braking systems. The reliable brake-by-wire solutions from MOBIL ELEKTRONIK offer you maximum control, precision and safety for every braking maneuver - trust our expertise!

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Optimize the control center for your vehicles with Control-by-Wire. Experience the future of vehicle control that takes flexibility and innovation to a new level - with control-by-wire solutions from MOBIL ELEKTRONIK!

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