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As an established system supplier, we have made a name for ourselves over the last five decades in the development and production of state-of-the-art electronic steering systems for a wide range of vehicle types and industries. Our core competence includes solutions in the areas of Steer-by-Wire, Brake-by-Wire and Control-by-Wire. We are also experts for comprehensive automation solutions for special vehicles. We offer a wide range of system solutions for steering applications in almost all types of vehicles - always tailored to your requirements.

A highlight of our portfolio is the EHLA® product family. This offers the right system configuration for every application - from fail-safe systems to multi-redundant, fail-operational systems. Our customers around the world trust in our experience, with which we set standards and actively shape the future of the industry.

You too can trust in the solution expertise of MOBIL ELEKTRONIK - we look forward to your challenge.


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DTS impresses in the practical test
Pöttinger uses non-contact forced steering system in the Jumbo 8450 DB

In the march issue, the trade magazine profi subjected the Pöttinger Jumbo 8450 DB combi loader wagon to a thorough practical test. One focus was on the non-contact forced steering system, which was used for the first time in series production in Pöttinger vehicles. The result speaks for itself: the DTS system impressed the experts.


Commercial Vehicles

Our electronic steering systems optimize the performance and reliability of your commercial vehicles. They not only provide more flexibility, but also increase cost-effectiveness - always in compliance with approval requirements.

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Agricultural Vehicles

MOBIL ELEKTRONIK offers electronic steering systems that are perfectly tailored to the specific requirements of agricultural technology and offer decisive advantages over purely hydraulic displacement systems.

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Construction Machinery

Construction machines are indispensable heroes on every construction site! Our electronic steering systems increase the performance and maneuverability of your machines and make them ready for any challenge.

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Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes fascinate with their impressive power and versatility. Our electronic steering systems set standards for the performance of your vehicles. So you can master every task effortlessly!

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Municipal Vehicles

Municipal vehicles are incredibly important in keeping cities clean, safe and livable. Our innovative electronical steering systems increase their efficiency and flexibility - for the best performance in every application!

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Intralogistic vehicles are the masters of precision for the smooth transportation of goods. The reliable electronic steering systems from MOBIL ELEKTRONIK take your vehicles to a new level of precision and performance.

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Ground Support Equipment

Our electronic steering and braking systems set standards for the performance of your aircraft tugs. Regardless of the aircraft type, we offer you individual solutions that ensure the maximum performance and efficiency of your vehicles.

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Port Vehicles

Port vehicles are the driving force behind smooth container transport and cargo terminal operations. Our electronic steering systems for port vehicles are the key to maximizing the performance and efficiency of your fleet!

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Special Vehicles

Our steering systems offer optimal solutions that always meet the demanding requirements of special vehicles such as heavy-duty transporters - for top performance in the world of giants!

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Steer-by-Wire is the future of vehicle steering - a cutting-edge technology that takes the driving experience to a new level. Discover our customized steer-by-wire solutions for your requirements!

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With Brake-by-Wire, you are betting on the future of braking systems. The reliable brake-by-wire solutions from MOBIL ELEKTRONIK offer you maximum control, precision and safety for every braking maneuver - trust our expertise!

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Optimize the control center for your vehicles with Control-by-Wire. Experience the future of vehicle control that takes flexibility and innovation to a new level - with control-by-wire solutions from MOBIL ELEKTRONIK!

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