Strong performance for heavy-duty transport and co. –
with the steering systems from MOBIL ELEKTRONIK

In the world of special vehicles, which includes heavy-duty transporters and low-loaders, the focus is on efficiency and safety. These exceptional vehicles are perfectly designed to transport heavy loads, be it heavy construction machinery, components for wind turbines or other oversized goods. Thanks to their remarkable adaptability, they are able to meet these specific requirements with pinpoint accuracy.

This is precisely where the electronic steering systems from MOBIL ELEKTRONIK come into play. In this world where heavy loads also mean heavy responsibility, our control systems offer the safety and efficiency that always meet the high demands of special vehicles such as heavy-duty transporters.

What makes our electronic steering systems stand out in heavy goods traffic

Our electronic steering systems from MOBIL ELEKTRONIK are the key to maximum safety and efficiency in heavy goods traffic. They ensure precise steering maneuvers and stability, even with exceptionally heavy loads, and enable you to confidently master the challenges presented.

  1. Safe and stable steering despite heavy loads
  2. Optimal maneuverability
  3. Highest functional safety



Steer-by-Wire is the future of vehicle steering - a cutting-edge technology that takes the driving experience to a new level. Discover our customized steer-by-wire solutions for your requirements!

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With Brake-by-Wire, you are betting on the future of braking systems. The reliable brake-by-wire solutions from MOBIL ELEKTRONIK offer you maximum control, precision and safety for every braking maneuver - trust our expertise!

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Optimize the control center for your vehicles with Control-by-Wire. Experience the future of vehicle control that takes flexibility and innovation to a new level - with control-by-wire solutions from MOBIL ELEKTRONIK!

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