Steering systems for intralogistics –
cutomized to your individual requirements

Intralogistics vehicles are precision artists when it comes to the internal transportation of goods, raw materials and products. From automated conveyor systems and robot-controlled solutions to intelligent warehouse management systems, they ensure maximum efficiency and safety.

These diverse requirements must be met quickly and reliably. Our innovative steering systems and customized system solutions take your intralogistics processes to a new level of precision and performance - and thus make a clear difference to the competition.

Our steering systems for maximum precision and efficiency

Our highly modern, electronically controlled steering systems make your intralogistics vehicles considerably faster and more maneuverable for the transport and handling of various goods. At the same time, they guarantee maximum safety.

  1. Flexible steering modes for every application
  2. Software integration of work functions
  3. Highest functional safety



Steer-by-Wire is the future of vehicle steering - a cutting-edge technology that takes the driving experience to a new level. Discover our customized steer-by-wire solutions for your requirements!

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With Brake-by-Wire, you are betting on the future of braking systems. The reliable brake-by-wire solutions from MOBIL ELEKTRONIK offer you maximum control, precision and safety for every braking maneuver - trust our expertise!

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Optimize the control center for your vehicles with Control-by-Wire. Experience the future of vehicle control that takes flexibility and innovation to a new level - with control-by-wire solutions from MOBIL ELEKTRONIK!

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