Brake-by-Wire braking systems
precise vehicle braking for maximum driving safety

The innovation of the brake-by-wire system lies in electro-hydraulic braking systems, in which there is no direct mechanical connection between the brake pedal and the brakes. Instead of a conventional mechanical transmission, the braking electronics are electrical. This technological advancement not only ensures more precise control, but also optimizes performance and safety while driving.

The precise control of the braking process by the electronic transmission system enables a finely tuned response to the vehicle controls. This not only improves driving dynamics, but also allows the braking force to be dosed more efficiently and precisely. This leads to increased driving comfort and an overall safer driving experience.

Benefits Brake-by-Wire braking systems

The innovative brake-by-wire systems from MOBIL ELEKTRONIK enable precise and efficient control of the brakes, which in turn contributes to increasing driving safety. Let yourself be convinced by the advantages that brake-by-wire technology offers:

  1. Maximum flexibility in braking force control
  2. Optimized driving assistance systems such as ABS, ESP and emergency braking assistants
  3. Reliability through redundant system concepts


Commercial Vehicles

Our electronic steering systems optimize the performance and reliability of your commercial vehicles. They not only provide more flexibility, but also increase cost-effectiveness - always in compliance with approval requirements.

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Agricultural Vehicles

MOBIL ELEKTRONIK offers electronic steering systems that are perfectly tailored to the specific requirements of agricultural technology and offer decisive advantages over purely hydraulic displacement systems.

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Construction Machinery

Construction machines are indispensable heroes on every construction site! Our electronic steering systems increase the performance and maneuverability of your machines and make them ready for any challenge.

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Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes fascinate with their impressive power and versatility. Our electronic steering systems set standards for the performance of your vehicles. So you can master every task effortlessly!

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Municipal Vehicles

Municipal vehicles are incredibly important in keeping cities clean, safe and livable. Our innovative electronical steering systems increase their efficiency and flexibility - for the best performance in every application!

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Intralogistic vehicles are the masters of precision for the smooth transportation of goods. The reliable electronic steering systems from MOBIL ELEKTRONIK take your vehicles to a new level of precision and performance.

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Ground Support Equipment

Our electronic steering and braking systems set standards for the performance of your aircraft tugs. Regardless of the aircraft type, we offer you individual solutions that ensure the maximum performance and efficiency of your vehicles.

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Port Vehicles

Port vehicles are the driving force behind smooth container transport and cargo terminal operations. Our electronic steering systems for port vehicles are the key to maximizing the performance and efficiency of your fleet!

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Special Vehicles

Our steering systems offer optimal solutions that always meet the demanding requirements of special vehicles such as heavy-duty transporters - for top performance in the world of giants!

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