Steer-by-Wire steering systems
efficient vehicle control via cable and electrical signals

What once began as a concept is now an impressive reality that is constantly evolving. The transmission of steering signals via cables instead of mechanical connections - steer-by-wire. As a technological market leader, we have successfully implemented numerous steer-by-wire steering systems for industrial vehicles and special applications over the last 50 years.

Our latest generation of safety steering computers (control units) has been developed in accordance with ISO 26262. This means that vehicles approved for use on public roads can also be equipped with our steer-by-wire steering systems - a significant milestone in the development of steer-by-wire technology.

Experience the future of steering systems with MOBIL ELEKTRONIK - especially with our reliable EHLA® steering systems, which set new standards in vehicle steering.

Benefits of steer-by-wire steering systems

Steer-by-wire steering systems are not only the basis for autonomous vehicles, but also already offer considerable added value compared to conventional steering systems. Have a look yourself:

  1. Highest level of security through redundant system concepts
  2. Reduction of complexity through standardization
  3. Increased safety through the possible interaction of assistance systems


Commercial Vehicles

Our electronic steering systems optimize the performance and reliability of your commercial vehicles. They not only provide more flexibility, but also increase cost-effectiveness - always in compliance with approval requirements.

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Agricultural Vehicles

MOBIL ELEKTRONIK offers electronic steering systems that are perfectly tailored to the specific requirements of agricultural technology and offer decisive advantages over purely hydraulic displacement systems.

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Construction Machinery

Construction machines are indispensable heroes on every construction site! Our electronic steering systems increase the performance and maneuverability of your machines and make them ready for any challenge.

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Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes fascinate with their impressive power and versatility. Our electronic steering systems set standards for the performance of your vehicles. So you can master every task effortlessly!

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Municipal Vehicles

Municipal vehicles are incredibly important in keeping cities clean, safe and livable. Our innovative electronical steering systems increase their efficiency and flexibility - for the best performance in every application!

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Intralogistic vehicles are the masters of precision for the smooth transportation of goods. The reliable electronic steering systems from MOBIL ELEKTRONIK take your vehicles to a new level of precision and performance.

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Ground Support Equipment

Our electronic steering and braking systems set standards for the performance of your aircraft tugs. Regardless of the aircraft type, we offer you individual solutions that ensure the maximum performance and efficiency of your vehicles.

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Port Vehicles

Port vehicles are the driving force behind smooth container transport and cargo terminal operations. Our electronic steering systems for port vehicles are the key to maximizing the performance and efficiency of your fleet!

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Special Vehicles

Our steering systems offer optimal solutions that always meet the demanding requirements of special vehicles such as heavy-duty transporters - for top performance in the world of giants!

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Our patented EHLA® steer-by-wire steering system –
for superior driving dynamics and precision

Experience the future of vehicle steering with EHLA® - our revolutionary steer-by-wire steering system. No more mechanical steering connections, instead wired precision and maximum safety. MOBIL ELEKTRONIK makes it possible!

The right EHLA® system for every vehicle

Every vehicle is unique, even if the geometry differs only slightly. Our EHLA® steering systems are designed to be flexible. Important control variables of the steering systems are adapted to the different geometries using parameters. When designing your steering system, we rely on proven standard components that are already successfully used in series production.

ISO-certified process

Regardless of the number of axles to be controlled, a wide range of different EHLA® steering systems is available to you. An ISO 26262-compliant process for our high-quality electronic components is one of the basic principles of our development. We maintain the greatest possible flexibility in order to fully meet your individual customer requirements in every respect.

Highest safety standard: ASIL D

It is the responsibility of the vehicle manufacturer to carry out a comprehensive hazard analysis and risk assessment. This results in the specific safety requirements for the EHLA® steering system. With the latest generation of our modern safety steering computers, safety functions up to the highest standard ASIL D can be implemented and guaranteed.

Functional Safety

The requirements of ISO 26262 often present our customers with major challenges. With our expertise in this area and our more than 50 years of experience in the design of EHLA® steering systems, we are happy to assist you. Do not hesitate to ask us for a workshop on topics such as functional safety, HARA (Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment) and Safety Concept.

Cyber Security

Ensuring security in an increasingly networked world is undoubtedly the big issue of the future. This also applies to a large extent to the automotive industry. Vehicles are no longer just simple means of transportation, but high-tech computers on wheels, vulnerable to potential hacker attacks. Every vehicle must be able to withstand cyber attacks in order to ensure the safety of all road users.

The good news is that the steering systems from MOBIL ELEKTRONIK also meet the highest cyber security requirements.

Benefits EHLA® steering systems
Individual steering systems for your needs

Our EHLA® steering systems have been proving themselves successfully for many years in customer vehicles of various application classes and are characterized by demonstrable added value in practical use. You can rely on our experience and expertise to raise the steering of your vehicles to a new level.

  1. Ultimate maneuverability for precise and easy steering
  2. Ensuring the highest standards for maximum security
  3. Flexible individualization of the steering systems through the use of special programs

Our EHLA® portfolio
Customized steering systems for your application

Our EHLA® product range is based on pioneering steer-by-wire technology. The unique advantage for you: We can offer a customized EHLA® solution for every conceivable requirement.

Our EHLA® systems have proven themselves successfully in customer vehicles of various application classes for many years and have demonstrated proven added value in practical use.

Regardless of whether it is about getting the axle to drive straight ahead or parking the vehicle safely in the event of an error - you can always rely on our EHLA® steering system.

EHLA® variants


Electro-hydraulic additional steering system for self-tracking leading and trailing axles in commercial vehicles approved for public road traffic.


Electro-hydraulic auxiliary steering system for driven axles in commercial and special vehicles approved for public road traffic.


Electro-hydraulic auxiliary steering system with centering function or mechanical locking unit for driven, non-self-tracking steered rear axles in commercial and special vehicles approved for public road traffic.


Electro-hydraulic steering system for commercial and special vehicles with multiple steered axles approved for public road traffic.


Fully redundant and therefore fault-tolerant electro-hydraulic steering system for driven axles in commercial and special vehicles approved for public road traffic.


Electronic-hydraulic steering system for 2-, 3- or 4-axle agricultural trailers.


Electro-hydraulic steering system for agricultural trailers or semi-trailers approved for public road traffic.

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