DTS - The forced steering system of the future!

Discover the pioneering technology of our innovative EHLA® product range, which offers comprehensive system solutions for controlling steering axles on commercial vehicles and trailers approved for use on public roads. From the fail-safe self-steering axle to multi-axle, fail-operational auxiliary steering systems, every conceivable application can be represented from a modular system that can be combined in virtually unlimited ways.

In the agricultural sector, you can combine EHLA® with our specially developed DTS system to get the best out of your vehicle and your application!

What is DTS?

DTS enables precise and intelligent control of your trailer. A key feature is the elimination of the mechanical linkage for articulation angle detection. This significantly increases flexibility. Our system not only contributes to safety, but also optimizes vehicle stability and reduces tire wear on your trailer. Benefit from increased efficiency and enhanced driving comfort.

With DTS, you are using a particularly easy-to-use forced steering system that is characterized by operational safety and good performance in all relevant driving situations.

What are the advantages of DTS?

  • No need for conventional forced steering components
  • Larger articulation angle between towing and trailer vehicle possible
  • Optimum wear behavior for tires and vehicle components
  • No calibration for angle detection between towing and trailer vehicle
  • Easy replacement of the towing vehicle without adjustment work on the forced steering system

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