Montag, 20. Mai 2019

CANopen angle transducer

Innovation in proven design

Based on our rugged rotary sensor series we introduce the new heavy-duty standard in CANopen angle transducers. The new CANopen angle transducer does not only offer compatibility to other network devices, but defines also new standards in angle sensor technology for safety-relevant systems.


  • Contactless measurement principle (hall technology)
  • Measurement range 360° with eligible zero position and sense of rotation
  • Measurement values are available for all other network devices
  • Protection class IP69
  • High interference resistance
  • Integrated alarm memory
  • High configuration ability e.g.: message format, message trigger, etc.
  • Internal monitoring of configuration data with cyclic redundancy check (CRC) check sum and external control devices
  • Number of sensors per ECU not limited by the number of its inputs
  • Housing of seawater-resistant aluminium with ball-beared 12mm shaft of stainless steel