Vormerken! Wir sind auf der Firmenkontaktmesse „vitamin b“ in Künzelsau

Auch dieses Jahr sind wir wieder auf der Campusmesse vertreten.


ME Mobil Elektronik gewinnt den BME Procurement Excellence Award 2022 für digitalen und zukunftssicheren Einkauf

Der Experte für elektronische Steuerungs- und Lenksysteme in mobilen Maschinen & Nutz- und...


Wir waren dabei beim 29. Öhringer Stadtlauf!

Auch in diesem Jahr nahmen unsere Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter am Öhringer Stadtlauf teil.


MOBIL ELEKTRONIK beim Fahrzeugsicherheitstraining des ADAC

Am vergangenen Wochenende drehte sich bei Mobil Elektronik alles um das Thema Sicherheit im...


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The System is more than the Sum of its Components


  • Scharmüller and Mobil Elektronik focus on operator’s comfort

    For electro-hydraulic auxiliary steering of one or more axles of the trailer, it is important to identify the angle between the towing vehicle and trailer in order to be able to realize the steering geometry of the axles according to Ackermann. Only in this way the main advantages such as reduced tyre wear and high manoeuvrability can be fully exploited. (…)The solution that Scharmüller has come up with and patented is a ball head connection with integrated sensor technology. (…)

    "This solution is fantastic and meets the demands of farmers and contractors for easy coupling and uncoupling of different vehicles," says Thomas Beckert, sales engineer at Mobil Elektronik."


  • Fully electric city buses with all-wheel steering

    New transport concepts are in vogue - The first communities are banning vehicles with conventional diesel engines and are only allowing fully electric,  emission-free vehicles to enter, in order to take a step forward in the  prevention of emissions.

    Another important step is to adapt the means of transport to the volume of passenger traffic. (...) The innovative company TRIBUS from Utrecht, the Netherlands, has recognized this necessity as an opportunity for itself and presented the Citybus MOVITAS at this year's Busworld 2019.(...)