Electronic rear power steering system for agricultural and municipal vehicles

Auxiliary steering system for driven rear axles in slow-driving vehicles. EHLA® PLUS marks the brownie point for vehicles with orbitrol-steered front axles like agricultural or municipal vehicles. These applications demand for maximum flexibility of the steering system. Whether it is all-wheel steering, crab steering or independent manual steering – EHLA® PLUS offers all standard steering programs. Depending on the application various special functions like offset steering (ground protection), slope compensation or plough steering are available.

A further asset of EHLA® PLUS: In vehicles with turnable cabin an electronic steering system is overlayed on the orbitrol in dependence of the driving direction. Thus, in public traffic the vehicle contains an orbitrol steering system combined with an auxiliary steering system. In operative mode true steer-by-wire operation is possible offering electronic hydraulic all-wheel steering, automatic guidance (autopilot) a.s.o.

EHLA® Plus in municipal vehicles

Our well proven electronic-hydraulic auxiliary steering system EHLA® Plus finds more and more its way into compact municipal vehicles and replaces the so far used pure hydraulic displacement steering systems for the rear axle.

The advantages are given in the enhanced functionality, as well as in the easy adaption to different vehicle configurations.
With the EHLA® Plus steering system the following functions can be realised:

  • Selection of numerous special steering programs like all wheel, crab steering and electronic rear swing-out suppression (EHU) without synchronization step
  • Speed depending steering angle reduction for enhanced drive stability
  • Centring of the axle at high speed for improved tracking behaviour
  • Avoiding of rear swing-out (EHU), hence working along parking cars or buildings is quite easy
  • Mechanically decoupled from the front axle

The trend to higher vehicle speed over 62 km/h requires a mechanical connection of the front axle steering system. To maintain a good maneuverability, the rear axle must be equipped with an electronic-hydraulic steering system. In these applications our electronic-hydraulic auxiliary steering system EHLA® Plus is applied.

The electronic-hydraulic auxiliary steering system EHLA® Plus corresponds to the ECE-R79 with appendix 6, hence, an approval to public traffic is possible, easily. The EHLA® Plus steering system can be adapted to the vehicle requirements, individually, like all our steering systems.

Auxiliary Steering System for Overaasen Snowblower

  • The steering of the rear axle in the OVERAASEN Snowblower is done with an auxiliary steering system EHLA® Plus. The steerability of the rear axle improves the manoeuvrability of the vehicle in a tremendous way. The system provides the steering programs all-wheel, crab steering and manual steering which allows an optimized position of the snowblower and leads to minimized turning circles e.g. when used on airport runways.

    The rugged system components guarantee highest reliability in this hazardous application. The chassis has been developed and manufactured from the specialists of TITAN, Sulzbach Germany known for their experience with heavy vehicles. For the measurement of the steering angle of the KESSLER axles MOBIL ELEKTRONIK supplies an application-tailored angle transducer.